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Russian potato market (and potato markets in other CIS countries) remains unstructured and opaque due to lack of complete and accurate market information, technology and participants.

Whole industry suffers considerable losses and transaction costs all the way through the potato supply chain "selection - seed potato production - production for table potatoes - storage - transport - processing - sale" remain high due to such unstructured and non-transparency, limited market information. At the same time, all the CIS countries have enormous potential for growth in production and exports of potato and its processed products due to many reasons.

Thus, for Russia and CIS there is an urgent need to establish a single coordination center, which would collect, structure and provide data on the potato industry, with an access to the information about market participants (both producers and consumers), modern technologies, etc. Potatos.ru provides access to the information on participants of the potato market, the modern technology, experience and knowledge of foreign producers.

Potatos.ru is a unique resource for the Russian market growers, since it accumulates up-to-date and useful information about the market on-line. In addition to access to the information on the production of potatoes and the latest news of the market you have the opportunity to register yourself in our companies catalog, which is constantly updated with new business contacts.

In addition to free access to all site resources, we provide a wide range of services. It includes the opportunity to advertise on the site (as a banner or content) and so-called article PR, which is today one of the most efficient ways to promote your company, product or brand. We also conduct market researches, which may include both analysis of current trends in the region, and other various types of analysis of the market situation in the industry.

More of that, we will be glad to help your company develop in Russian potato market and market of CIS countries. We are sure that we will find the ways to cooperate with and make business together!

We have extensive contact base both among producers of potatoes and processing enterprises, and among suppliers of machinery, equipment, plant protection products, fertilizers, etc. We are ready to help you find clients for your production and reliable counterparts.

We are always ready to productive cooperation and a successful, long-term partnership!


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