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Potato flakes - a dehydrated mashed potato, obtained by applying cooked mashed potato on the surface of the drum dryer, equipped with rollers for applying a thin layer for quick drying of puree to desired moisture content. Then, after grinding the sheet of dehydrated potato to the desired size, flakes are packed into different packages ranging from 100 grams to "big-bags".

While a large number of cells of dry potato break during grinding the sheet of potatoes, the texture of the recovered product is crumbly due to heat treatment and cooling, the potato is exposed during processing, as well as by the addition of monoglyceride emulsifier.

This process, used all over the world today, was developed in Philadelphia, USA, in 1953-1959.

Potato flakes are the main form of dry mashed potatoes, intended for retail sale and as a food ingredient.

Since potatoes are quickly dried in one step, its cells are easily rehydrated, and potato starch retains its high absorptive capacity. Of all forms of dry potato only potato flakes are easily restored with cold water, and due to this fact they are so widely used as an ingredient.


Potato flakes are widely used in baking. They reinforce and improve the taste and smell of the product and make the product be fresh for a longer time. Increasingly, the potato flakes are used instead of chemical preservatives and loosening, which are used for baking. Bread with the addition of flakes becomes looser, his crumb - elastic and, if used the correct manufacturing process, it is easy to cut. Even three days after baking the crumb is elastic, pleasant taste, the product is still fresh, without any sign of callousness. In addition to improving the taste and smell, the use of potato flakes is also an economical value. Worth mentioning that the use of flakes in bread increases the profitability of production by 7% - of 11%.

In poultry and meat industries additive 3-4% of potato flakes in meat products has a positive effect on the coefficient of absorption of water, which appears in the meat, and during storage fat does not appear on the surface of products. In the technology of production of beef potato flakes replace protein hydrolysates and isolates, such products meet all quality standards. Potato flakes are widely used as an additive to meat and vegetable pates and meats.

The use of flakes in the manufacture of potato products such as chips, fried potato crisps, dumplings and other half-stuff increases the profitability, quality and ecological purity of production, which is important during the complex competitive challenges dictated by today's market.

In the industrial production of food concentrates, potato flakes are used as a natural thickener, to quickly cooked soups, sauces, purees, etc.

Potatoes are known as “the second bread” and, accordingly, a strategically important product. The main problem - is to save all the useful properties. The ideal solution for the needs of the army and navy were the potato flakes, as they are the product of long-term storage. The concept is simple: mixing potato flakes with hot water you get a tasty and nutritious puree.


The production of potato flakes - is a complex multistep mechanism. All the way from field to the packing area requires careful and sensitive control for the perfect product. Among the many worthy companies, equipment manufacturers can not fail to note the Dutch Tummers Machinebouw. As known, the Netherlands are the world leader in potato industry and it is not surprising that namely in the Netherlands Tummers Machinebouw began its history in the mid-seventies, when Alfonse Tummers founded the company.

It began as a company to provide services and technical maintenance of equipment for the food industry, but soon took up manufacturing of various machines made of stainless steel for the needs of this industry.
Caught in the midst of the rapidly growing potato processing industry in the Netherlands, Tummers Mashinebau (Tummers Machinebouw) began to specialize in this area, and as a result, in 1981 the first line for potato flakes production was developed. Now the company is a world leader in the production lines of dry potato flakes (turnkey" suppliers).

Today Tummers Machinebouw together with associated companies has offices in the Netherlands, the UK (Simon Dryers), India (Company Arrowhead), Hong Kong (Tummers Asia) and Russia (Tummers Methods Moscow, LLC).

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