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Today the industrial processing of potatoes causes an increasing interest of growers and investors. This is quite reasonable, since the potential consumer is also interested in the potato products, such as: chips, potato flakes, potato chips, etc. However, potato processing requires good equipment, which allows you to produce quality products from potatoes. Potato processors in Russia and CIS are forced to buy such equipment abroad, because it is much better and last longer than domestic. However, this fact is a significant advantage for foreign companies - manufacturers who plan to enter the Russian potato market industry, because this market has significant growth potential and is growing each year steadily, thus the demand for high-tech lines for potato processing is rather high.
French fried potatoes processing line
Potatoes - French fried potatoes processing lineFrench fries, fries, or french-fried potatoes and, in the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand, chips are thin strips of potato. North Americans often refer to any elongated pieces of fried potatoes as fries, while in other parts of the world, long slices of fried potatoes are sometimes called fries to contrast them with the thickly cut strips, which are often referred to as chips. French fries are known all over the world and it is the dish, loved by many millions of people. Here are the details about the typical processing line of French fries.
Optical sorting equipment
Potatoes - Optical sorting equipmentOptical sorting machines and equipment. Highest quality of work, newest technologies, black/white and/or color cameras, color lasers for better sorting quality, easy-to-use LCD touch screen - this is all about top quality sorting machinery available on the market today.
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