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Once the potatoes are collected from the field, a great number of options for it come to use. It should be noted that not all the potatoes are used in raw in the kitchen. In fact, by some estimates, fresh potatoes consumed less than half of all potatoes grown in the world. The rest is processed into wide variety of potato products. This section will discuss the products of the potato processing result.
Potato flakes, mashed potato
Potato - potato products. Potato flakes, mashed potato

Potato flakes are the main form of dry mashed potatoes, intended for retail sale and as a food ingredient. Since potatoes are quickly dried in one step, its cells are easily rehydrated, and potato starch retains its high absorptive capacity. Of all forms of dry potato only potato flakes are easily restored with cold water, and due to this fact they are so widely used as an ingredient.

Potato crisps and chips, fried potatoes
Potato - potato products. Potato crisps and chips, fried potatoes.One type of potato processing is the production of potato crisps and fried potatoes.Today, there are two basic recipes of potato crisps. The traditional way - manufacturing chips (or crisps) from slices of raw potato.The second method involves the production of chips from dry raw material - potato flakes, pellets or starch.The technology of production of fried potato is similar to the production of potato chips, but at the same time, there are significant differences.
Potato - potato products. Starch.Starch, which is produced directly from potatoes, is a rather expensive product, so the potato starch is often derived from so called “starched” water after waterjet in the production of potato crisps, potato flakes and fried potato. The production of such starch is much cheaper and its quality is not lower, than the starch, produced from starch potatoes.
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